Quirino Scaramastra offer proactive IT strategy, systems design and ongoing support to streamline your business operations with SQL Server and Data, increase productivity and boost profitability.

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IT Project Management

Create projects, manage resources, and track progress. Integrate IT projects with requests and changes to fine-tune overall IT service delivery. We perform SQL Server Assessment to identify existing and potential issues.


Database Management

Discover, track, and manage IT hardware and software assets in one supplier. Optimize asset utilization, avoid vulnerabilities, and ensure license compliance.


Remote Support

Dependable support to keep the work day humming is crucial to the success of your business. The Quirino Helpdesk technician have the ability to directly resolve technology issues when they arise, using a secure remote access system. Be it an end user having trouble sending or receiving email, or your entire network experiencing a challenge due to a glitch caused by lightning, a call to Quirino is a lot like having a technician physically present in your office.

Quirino is your dba consulting service . Whether you are a small business or an enterprise level business, I have a solution that is right for you. Hire Me
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About Me

My IT career started as a hobby with the BBS (Bullettin Board System) 25 years ago. "The Black Hole BBS"

Now i am a seasoned DBA with more than 18 years of hands on experience operating complex and business critical systems for a wide variety of customers. Financial , Industry, Government ,Comunications Company

Specialties: Proactive database maintenance, capacity planning, performance tuning and optimization, high availability solutions, backup strategies and disaster recovery planning, Development of stored procedures and triggers, Implementation and maintenance of SQL replication, log-shipping, mirroring and Always-On, Installation and support of Active/Active and Active/Passive failover clusters, Implementation of Disaster Recovery plan at off-site data center.

I worked and work with all versions of SQL 2000/2005/2008/2012/2016 . Now only test the latest version 2017.

Normally i work for the government in Italy, I am responsible to manage multiple servers for the insurance part our servers have 160,000 daily visitors and tens of millions of users.

Every day I check the infrastructure and servers.

I give support for development group , about performance, security and applications policy for compliance.

Things I Can Do

I perform SQL Server Assessment to identify existing and potential issues.

Do you think you need a HA/DR infrastructure? Let us help you to choose the right technologies to reach your goal.

Do you have a specific performance issue you are not able to identify and solve? Or are your end users feeling a general performance degradation of your systems?

Let us try to find and fix your problem. Do you think you need a DBA but you don’t want or you cannot afford a full-time member? Do you need to be sure your SQL Server systems work efficiently?

We perform a Full Check of your system and then we agree with you how often we must connect to your systems: daily, weekly…

Do you need to design brand new databases for your main projects? Do you feel poor practices have been applied and you want a code review?

Let us help you with these issues.

Let us help you to optimize your budget choosing the right hardware for your SQL Server environment and the right Version/Edition of SQL Server. Do you need a Mentor for your BI projects?

Do you feel there are performances issue in your BI environment and you want to solve them once and for all? Do you think your ETL infrastructure has a poor design? We can help you with these issues, too. write me.

Our experienced team provides guidance and expertise in the latest technological options and solutions in such areas as:

Selection of Computer Hardware and Software

System Implementation

System Conversions

Staff Training

Software and Hardware Upgrades

Integrated Business and Accounting Systems

IT Governance and Oversight


Fraud Control

Remote Assistance

A Few Accomplishments

Financial , Industry, Government ,Comunications Company

see my CV click link below

I solve hard IT Database problems.
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